100 Day Prospecting Challenge

Ok so here are more details of the #100DayProspectingChallenge

Your real estate sales trainer and coach is challenging you and himself to prospect by door and phone at an intensity that will make you either puke or push through mediocre success. During the next 100 days, you will be going to knock on 100 doors and make 100 contacts by phone.

During this challenge, I broadcast LIVE the entire time (cellular signal may vary in stability if feed)

Why is this $300?

You know I am good for the value I will bring to this challenge. You know I will deliver, cause I have for a long time. This will be more than before. By joining you will be committed to the challenge and I will be committed to the effort in not only doing but narrating and documenting every call and every door.

I will not hold back like I kind of have in the past. (Cause I’m busy doing my thing)

I will answer all your questions during and after.

This few in the group will ONLY be here cause they paid. Because they want more.

There has NEVER been anything like this.

One on one coaching in real time for 4-6 hours a day!!! (Weekdays and some Saturdays)

Access to the archives each day. Not only that but an aggressive focus on timelines and dialogue in the time spent in the trenches.

You know I’m not going to pitch some bullshit product if I was not certain that I was not going to take mine and your prospecting chips to the next level.

The PayPal link is below. The challenge starts when you are ready.

Registration includes

-My scripts (cause you’ll be using them) a $20 value

–The Doorknock Mastery Course (cause you will be needing them) a $100 value

–The Contact Mastery Course (cause you will need to manage all the leads you get) a $100 value

-Guaranteed I will be LIVE at least 3 hours a day (cause it’s my challenge too)

–The access Q and A during the stream

-my slam package

–The to the archives of the stream (NEVER BEFORE have I left them up.!)

-A five hour quick start course in Real estate meant to be a replacement for one on one coaching that I just never touched after creating it

Once you pay I will invite you to a private Facebook Group. I promise you I will regret how cheap I am doing this for. Unless I get 100 sign ups…then I will break even.

Get Access and Join