Beast Mode Lead Gen Boot Camp

Ok so here are more details of the Beast Mode Lead Gen Boot Camp.

I am building a product that will be the James Festini Real Estate Sales System. This will be an A-Z what I do to maintain a six-figure income with low overhead for 25 years. The content I will create will be built on the last 15 one on one clients and what I discovered they needed and not what I thought you wanted. You see I have never really been a one on one coach and when I was doing it for the last 3 years it was a one time, one pay, one session thing. I would get paid, I would troubleshoot and then the person was gone.

Then in 2017 I decided to make agents commit to 90 days of one on one coaching. I acquired 12 clients. It was a challenge. Some were already very productive agents who needed a tune up and others were brand new. As I was training them I discovered that what each one of them lacked was a system. They had the scripts and the dialogues. they had the software and they had the skills…or at least they had no problem finding that online from my history of training.

After 9 months of creating a coaching system I decided, rather I figured out that I cannot coach more than 10 people without it slowing me down from my real job. Selling real estate.Your real estate sales trainer and coach is challenging you and himself to prospect by door and phone at an intensity that will make you either puke or push through mediocre success. For the 100 days, I create this boot camp I will be testing the limits of what I can actually do. I have a goal of 300 attempts at a sale. My minimum will be 200 attempts. A combination of 100 phone contacts and 200 doors knocked or 150 contacts by phone and 150 doors knocked. This will generate over 100 leads in 100 days. If you follow me, you will have more than 100 listing leads to start 2018!

During this challenge, I am going to broadcast LIVE the entire time (cellular signal may vary in stability if feed)

Why is this feed $500?

You know I am good for the value I will bring during this challenge. You know I will deliver, cause I have for a long time. This will be more than before. By joining you will be committed to the challenge and I will be committed to the effort in not only doing but narrating and documenting every call and every door.

I will not hold back like I kind of have in the past. (Cause I’m busy doing my thing)

I will answer all your questions during and after.

This few in the group will ONLY be here cause they paid. Because they want more.

There has NEVER been anything like this.

One on one coaching in real time for 3-6 hours a day!!! (Weekdays and some Saturdays)

Access to the archives each day. Not only that but an aggressive focus on timelines and dialogue in the time spent in the trenches.

You know I’m not going to pitch some bullshit product if I was not certain that I was not going to take mine and your prospecting chips to the next level.

The PayPal link is below. The challenge starts when you are ready.

Registration includes

-Weekly Webinar (Friday or Monday TBA and archived after for replay)*

-My scripts (cause you’ll be using them) a $20 value

-Daily Pro Tip Videos besides The live Streams of Prospecting *

-The Doorknock Mastery Course (cause you will be needing them) a $100 value

-The Contact Mastery Course (cause you will need to manage all the leads you get) a $100 value

-Guaranteed I will be LIVE at least 5 hours a day (cause it’s my challenge too)

-The access Q and A during the stream

-Listen in on the calls*

-My slam package

-The to the archives of the stream (NEVER BEFORE have I left them up.!)*

-Access to the Daily Pro Tip Video Group*

Once you pay I will invite you to a private Facebook Group. I promise you I will regret how cheap I am doing this for. Unless I get 100 sign ups…then I will break even.

*when you ask why it’s $400 more than the “100 day beast mode lead gen challenge” of 2017

**Previous Members of the Beast mode lead gen challenge will have the link for a $100 discount.

READ THIS: on the 100th day, you will be given the option to continue to access the group and archive at the cost of $100 a month membership. No Contract required. Otherwise, you will get a letter that will say thank you and goodbye. No seriously. Coming back into the group will be at $100 a month after you leave so no biggie.

The content from this course will be repurposed into The James Festini Real Estate Sales System. Your stats and numbers and stories may be used for a book or a video or a blog. I will probably not use your real name unless you want me to. and that is probably becasue you totally kicked ass and you want to brag about your results. In that case I will beg for a testimonial.